Chrome 64 for Android Brings Site Auto-Redirect Blocking

In a bit of a surprise, Google has released the Chrome 64 based update to Chrome for Android.  The update is rolling out now and brings a significant number of security improvements to the browser.  The new build is version 64.0.3282.116 for those keeping score at home.  The surprise is that the Android version of the browser was released before the update to the Windows, Mac and Linux version.  Usually Chrome for Android and Chrome OS are the last two to be updated in the monthly flow of updates from Google.

There are a number of security updates in this release but three in particular stand out.  First is a crack down on auto-redirects.  After this update, Chrome 64will block 3rd party iframes unless the users has to interact with it.  There is also a new infobar that appears when new tabs or windows are attempted to open by the site you are browsing.

Second are improvements the pop-up blocker.  This is specifically aimed at links disguised as play buttons or site controls or even transparent overlays that users unintentionally click, opening up new tabs or windows.  This update will prevent them from working.

Finally, there is a new site-wide audio muting setting.  Now sites with audio will be muted if you have set it up to do so.  The behavior can be changed  in the site settings in Settings.

You can expect to see Chrome 64 hit your Android phone over the course of the next few days as the update rolls out in the Play Store.   As for when it will hit the other platforms, that’s not known but it will likely be in short order.



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