Chrome 64 Hits the Desktop Browser Stable Channel

The Chrome browser for Windows, MacOS and Linux has now officially been updated to Chrome 64.  The new build was released yesterday and will be rolling out over the course of the next few days.  The new build is version 64.0.3282.119 for those keeping score at home and has over 50 security and bug fixes in the release.

To force a check for the update, type chrome://help in the browser omnibar and then check for updates.  This will force your browser to get the latest build and, once downloaded and you restart Chrome, you will be on Chrome 64.

Of the 53 fixes that are found in this build of the Chrome browser, three of them were considered high priority and Google paid $6000 in bounties to those who found them.  13 of the fixes were considered medium risk while the rest were low risk.  Google has published a list of the bugs but the details have been kept secure until the majority of users update to the new Chrome 64-based browser.  This is not an uncommon practice for Google as they want to assure that the exploits detailed are not used.

The release of the stable build comes on the heals of the update to Chrome for Android update yesterday which is also based on the 64 train.


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