Project Fi Introduces Unlimited Data Plan Named Bill Protection

Project Fi is rolling out a new unlimited data named Bill Protection.  It assures that individual users who use more than 6GB of data a month will be charged one flat rate and, like current Fi plans, if you use under 6GB in a month, you are credited back money for those unused gigs.

The plan is being rolled out today and it is for individual users as well as groups who are all on Project Fi.  For individual users, the maximum out of pocket per month would be $80 per month.  That is $60 for the 6GB plus $20 for the calls & text portion of the service.  If you go above those 6GB, you still only pay $80.  If you have two members in a group, the maximum cost is $135 with a data plan level of 10GB.  There is a calculator to help you understand the costs for your plan

When compared to other unlimited plans, this new one from Project Fi is competitive and gives a lot of flexibility to subscribers.  For current subscribers, you will see this new program as part of your next billing cycle.  New subscribers will start with this new program.

A word of caution for those of you who are heavy data users.  Once you go beyond 15GB of data use in a billing cycle, you will be throttled to 256 kbps until your billing cycle ends.  Google states that less than 1% of their subscribers would fall into this category so it is likely not a big deal and, frankly, it follows suit with other carriers doing the same throttling at high data level usage.

I’ve been a Project Fi subscriber for over two years now and highly recommend it.  If you want to try it out, you can use my code to sign up and you’ll get $20 off your bill – and so will I. 🙂

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