Project Fi Subscribers Getting Smart Replies in Android Messages

Subscribers of Project Fi have a new feature coming to the Android Messages app for SMS and MMS.  Smart Replies is something that has been in Google Allo and Google Inbox for some time now and the feature is now rolling out to Fi subscribers.

Like Allo and Inbox, when a text message comes into your Android Messages app, you will see options for replies in three small bubbles just above the text box where you type your replies.  Backed by Google’s AI, smart replies understands the context of the message you were sent and offers quick, one tap replies to those messages.

Of course, you can type your reply in anyway and not use the Smart Replies if you want to do so.

The news of the new feature came from the official Project Fi Twitter account this morning.  What is unclear is if other, non-Fi subscribers will get the new feature.

What is likely to happen is that the feature will be exclusive (or tested) for Fi customers then move to all Android Messages users later.

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