YouTube Begins Rolling Out Official Artist Channels

YouTube announced today that they have begun the process of rolling out new Official Artist Channels on the platform.  The new channels will migrate videos, lyric videos, news, unplugged sessions and other artist related information all in one place.  This will be the official artist channels, a slight change from the artist channels from last year.

Today, we’re simplifying things even more by bringing together an artist’s subscribers under their Official Artist Channel. Uniting subscribers under one channel means you’ll be able to go deeper and explore all of the content from the artists you love.

If you are subscribed to an unofficial channel, you will automatically be subscribed to the official channel for that artist starting this week.

If you are subscribed to an unofficial channel, that subscription will become inactive at some point this week too.

The move is essentially aimed to collapse official music videos and the official artist channel into one place for end users.  It will help you identify the artist’s legitimate content apart from that of unofficial content.

YouTube Official Artist Channels

YouTube Official Artist Channels

Look for the change to come to your YouTube subscriptions over the course of the next few days as the platform begins rolling it out.  The company also indicated that further rollouts to more artists will be coming in due course.

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