Gmail Go Added to Android Go Lineup for Low Memory Devices

Gmail Go, a lighter weight version of the Gmail app, is the latest addition to the Android Go initiative from Google.  The app is available in Google Play Store for devices with low memory, the hallmark of the Go program.  If you aren’t familiar with the Go program, it is an initiative set out by Google back at Google I/O last year to bring apps & services to devices with low RAM.  These apps are mostly aimed at emerging markets or those with very low cost devices with 1GB or 2GB of RAM.

Gmail Go essentially is Gmail but without some of the more powerful management, editing and filtering options.  Still, it comes with Smart Replies and inbox label filtering which is likely going to meet 99% of users needs.

The addition of Gmail to the Go lineup brings the total number of apps in the program to seven from Google.  These include Google Maps Go, Google Files Go, GBoard Go, Google Go, YouTube Go, and Google Assistant Go.

Ultimately, for the majority of Android users out there, you won’t see the Go apps as an option to install.  If you don’t have a phone in the program with a low amount of RAM, the option to install won’t be available from the Play Store.  Of course, the APK will be available shortly and you can side load it if you want.



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