Google Pixel Shipments Doubled in 2017

According to research from IDC, Google enjoyed a doubling of shipments of their Google Pixel phone lineup in 2017.  In all, the company shipped some 3.9 million units for the year, mostly comprised of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which were introduced last October.

The figures once again come from IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo who yesterday reported the paltry numbers for Essential.  While the numbers for Google are obviously better, they are still pretty small in the overall smartphone shipments market.

The report is obviously good from a Google perspective.  While 3.9 million is no where near the numbers that an Apple or Samsung throw out there (even Huawei for that matter), it does represent positive traction for something that Google, up until 2016, was half-hearted in doing.

It is also likely that the figures for 2018, when they are released next year, will show even greater growth.  Google’s recent acquisition of talent and intellectual property from HTC is a clear indicator that the Mountain View company is serious about their phone business and we could even seen an expansion of devices into the mid-range market.   If they can double their shipment again this year, Google would position their branded phones well within the upper echelons of manufactures.


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