Google Play Music Update Allows for Disabling Lock Screen Album Art

A minor update to Google Play Music has been released in the Play Store, bringing a long requested feature to the app.  With the new 8.7.6773 version of the app now allows you to disable album art on your lock screen.

Users have long requested this feature more for privacy concerns than anything.  If you are listening to music and a NSFW album art is displayed on your phone, it could be embarrassing for you or be something that is inappropriate for minors.  Now you have a bit more control over it.

This new setting is set to enabled by default, meaning that your album art will continue to show up on your lock screen as you play music from Google Play Music.  To disable it, go to Settings and about halfway down the list you will see a new “Show album art on lock screen” setting.  Disable it and your album art will no longer display.

Disable Album Art on the Lock Screen in Google Play Music

Disable Album Art on the Lock Screen in Google Play Music

Aside from this new privacy feature, there is nothing new in the update other than the normal array of bug fixes and performance improvements.  The update is rolling out now so it should be on everyone’s phone over the course of the next few days.  If you are looking for a streaming music service, Play Music is free to download and subscriptions start at $9.99 per month for ad-free streaming with the ability to download music to your devices.

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