Official Google Pixelbook Sleeve Now Available for an Eye Watering Price

Google has quietly posted the new, official Google Pixelbook sleeve on the Google Store site.  The fabric sleeve, which holds your Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen, is an eye watering, hellishly expensive $100.  If you feel so compelled, you can order one at the Store.

The microfiber exterior sleeve has a microfiber lining and a magnetic closure too keep your Pixelbook and Pen safely tucked inside.  It comes in one color, Stone.

The official sleeve for the Google Pixelbook joins the Bellroy sleeve that is already in the Google Store as premium storage options for the Chromebook while you are on the go.  Many balked at the idea of the $89 Bellroy sleeve when it made its way into the store so… yeah, now you have a more expensive option.  Still, both sleeves are Google approved as accessories so they have that going for them.

Google Sleeve for the Pixelbook

Google Sleeve for the Pixelbook

Not to tell you how to spend your money, but if you really feel compelled to spend $100 on a sleeve for your Pixelbook, get something truly premium.  You can pick up the Noreve leather 13″ laptop sleeve, which will hold the Pixelbook perfectly, for $114.  And it’s leather.  Like, real leather.  I’ve reviewed many Noreve products over the last ten years and always find them to be top notch in quality.

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