OneNote for Android Now Remembers Where You Left Off in Your Notes

The OneNote for Android app has a new update rolling out that brings a handy new feature to those that use the note taking app.  The app will no remember the notes you were working on and will return you to it when you reopen the app.

The new update is version 16.0.9029.2079 for those keeping score at home and who like to play version number BINGO!.  It is rolling out to the Play Store now and you should get the OTA update for the app over the next few days if you already have it installed.

This new feature should make it much easier when you are switching between apps or moving from OneNote to complete another task and shut down the app.  Now you won’t have to go dive through your notes to find out where you left off or worse, try to remember where you left off several hours later.


As you would expect, this update to OneNote for Android has other bug fixes and performance improvements too as Microsoft, with all of their Office apps, is pretty consistent in providing updates to them every few weeks.

OneNote is a free app and available in the Play Store for those who want to give it a try.  Unlike the other Office 365 apps, a subscription is not required to use.

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