Project Fi Expands Coverage to 170 Countries With Preemptive Travel Notifications

Project Fi, Google’s MVNO mobile service, has added several new countries where their low cost international usage is provided.  The list is now over 170 countries strong with the latest addition of 73 countries announced today.  In these countries, Fi users will have the same costs as they do at home, which is $10 per GB of usage.  Text messaging is unlimited as part of the package and voice calls are a low .20 Cents per minute.

Some of the new countries that Project Fi users can travel to and get coverage include:

  • Algeria
  • Armenia
  • Bangledesh
  • Laos
  • Madagascar
  • Mongolia
  • Niger
  • Oman
  • Uganda

You can see the complete list of countries in the announcement made by Fi today.

In addition to these new countries, you will now preemptively get a notification in the Project Fi app on what your coverage will be based on international flights you have upcoming.  This information is based on flights found in your Gmail account and, much like how these flights are automatically added to your Google Calendar, now the Fi app will give you a notification to let you know what your coverage is and the costs associated with it.

Project Fi Travel Notification

Project Fi Travel Notification

These additions and creature comforts continues to make Fi one of the best mobile options available to US consumers.  Recently the service announced its version of unlimited plans with Bill Protection, essentially providing anything over 6GB of data per month for free (up to 15GB – then it throttles).

If you are interested in joining Project Fi, you can use my invite code.  You’ll get $20 off your bill after you’ve been with the service for 30 days and, full disclosure, so do I.  I’ve been a Project Fi customer for over 2 years now and highly recommend the service.


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