Google Drive Update to Bring Who Shared Files With You Online

A new feature is rolling out to all G Suite customers on Google Drive that will show you who shared files with you.  To this point, when you go to the shared with me section of Drive, you see the files that are shared with you and, if you view in list mode, you will see the name of the person sharing it with you.  This works okay-ish but Google has found that one of the most common searches done in Drive is the name of someone who shared a file with you.

Enter in this new feature.  Once deployed, you will have a Quick Access card in the shared with me  section which will feature that person’s name and the files they have shared.

Google is also injecting Artificial Intelligence into this new feature, allowing AI to predict the files, and thus the people you interact with the most, to be bubbled up into these Quick Access cards.

Google Drive People Predictions

Google Drive People Predictions

While the focus is on the web, Google indicated in their announcement that this new feature would also be coming to mobile and, in the future, more AI-driven features will be coming to Google Drive.

This update is rolling out to all G Suite customers and will be deployed over the course of the next 15 days.  There is nothing admins of G Suite domains need to do necessarily as this is a cloud-side change on Google’s part.

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