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Google Calendar Now Allows You To Propose New Meeting Times

A new update to Google Calendar is rolling out on the web that brings the ability to add a note to a calendar invite as well as propose a new time.  The new feature is rolling out to all G Suite accounts, including the free ones that most consumers use, over the course of the next few days.

Once you have the update, you can open up a meeting that you have been invited to and at the bottom of the meeting invite, can propose a new time or add a note, both of which will be sent to the meeting organizer.

Google Drive Intelligent Search Coming to G Suite Enterprise Customers

A new and improved search functionality is coming to Google Drive for G Suite Enterprise customers.  Dubbed “Intelligent Search”, users will be able to not only search for specific files in Drive like you can today, but will be able to search for contributors as well as priorities and histories of files.

As you would guess, the new Intelligent Search is driving by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to more accurately predict the information you are searching for and learn the type of content that you search frequently.

New Gmail Goes Live for G Suite – Classic Goes Away in October

Last month I posted about the new Gmail experience going GA (General Availability) for G Suite users with the option for Admins to move their users to the new experience or to keep the classic look for a bit longer.  That GA event has now happened and Admins can have the option for users to move to the new experience now or later.

In the blog post Google made about it today, Admins basically have three options available to users ranging from opting-in now on the new experience to delaying it until September.

AI-Driven Grammar Suggestions Coming to Google Docs

In their continuing effort to AI all the things, Google announced at Google Cloud Next yesterday that grammar suggestions will be rolling out to Google Docs in the near future.  The Mountain View company has already opened up the Early Adopters Program signup for those who are on G Suite and want to give it a try.

The feature works as you would expect and is similar to other tools provided by other apps, most notably Microsoft Word in Office 365.  When you have a word or phrase that grammatically needs to be improved, it will be underlined in blue.  You can then click on it and get the suggestion for improvement and either accept it or reject it.

Google Calendar Now Suggests Rooms for Meetings in G Suite

Google G Suite customers are going to soon be able to benefit for a handy feature in Google Calendar.  Automatic Room Suggestions, based on your location, is coming to the web version of the app, allowing you to quickly see meeting rooms that are available based on where you are at the time.

The feature goes hand-in-hand with a release that happened earlier this year which would allow for rooms to be found based on where a guest was located.  Now, once admins have established the work location of an employee, they can see what rooms are available to them when they are setting up a meeting.

Quick Access Panel in Google Docs Rolling Out to All G Suite Editions

Earlier this year, Google began rolling out a Quick Access panel in Google Docs to a limited scope of G Suite customers.  Functioning similar to the Quick Access panel in Google Drive, except being located in the Explorer button, Docs uses artificial intelligence to to show relevant files in the Explorer button of Docs based on your Google Drive activity and information in your document.  Now Google is rolling it out to all G Suite customers.

While the feature is still rolling out, once you have it, you will have a richer experience on the Explorer button in Google Docs with this new relevant information.  This will allow you to reference other files more quickly but also get information from those files to put into your current Docs.

Google Calendar Adding Out of Office Event Option for G Suite Customers

Google Calendar is set to pick up some handy new features over the course of the next few days that will allow for Out of Office event creation to be an easier process and to help block out your personal time on your calendar.  The updates are rolling out to all G Suite customers and, presumably, that includes the public version of Google Calendar non-G Suite users use.

A key new feature will be around the event creation pop-up that you get when you select a time or select multiple days.  Based on where you click, you will now see options to create an event, a reminder, or if you select multiple days, to select that it is an Out of Office time for you.

Google Vault Update Brings Customizable Google Hangouts Retention Policy

A new update for G Suite paying customers is rolling out that brings a handful of improvements to the Google Vault feature.  With the update, you will be able to set a custom retention length of time for Hangouts Meet recording as well as be able to set a policy for user’s Drive trash folders.

For those who are not G Suite users or who are unfamiliar with it, Google Vault is your domain’s retention policy manager when you use the service from Google, allowing you to set how long things like emails and files are retained along with Hangouts Meet recordings and search results.

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