Google Home and Home Mini Now Available in Italy

Earlier this week I posted about Google Assistant now supporting the Italian language.  The question, as I posed in that post, was if it was a prelude to the Italian Google Store seeing Google Home coming soon.  Now we know the answer is yes.

On the Google Store site in Italy, you can now purchase a Google Home or Google Home Mini.  Home is €149, about $183 while the Home Mini is €59 or about $72 US.  They are on sale now and both models are available.

With the addition of Italy, Home and Home Mini are now available in 8 countries:  Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States.  Google has made it clear that a top priority for 2018 is to get Google Assistant out to as many devices as possible globally.  It is likely that in larger markets, we will see an expansion of the Home devices there too.  The question is which countries and in what order.

If you live in Italy, you can follow the links above to order your Home or Home Mini.  There are still a few features that haven’t rolled out in Italian just yet like Routines but that is more or less just a matter of time.

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