Reminder – Google Pixelbook Discount Ends Tomorrow

A friendly reminder to readers who may still be thinking about picking up a Google Pixelbook.  The $100 discount on all models at Amazon and the Google Store will be ending tomorrow.

At Amazon, you can pick up the entry level Google Pixelbook for $899, a savings of $100 off the regular price.  In fact, you can pick up the Pixelbook and the Pixelbook Pen together for $997, which is less than the normal price of the Chromebook itself.

The price is for the Intel i5 powered unit with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.  It is certainly powerful enough to do anything you would need, be it in Chrome OS or Android apps running on the device.

I reviewed the Pixelbook earlier this week and it is without question the best Chromebook experience out there.  As I put in that review,

Is the Google Pixelbook worth its $999 (right now $899) price tag?  The answer is yes.  You will not find another Chromebook out there right now that can run Chrome OS and Android apps as efficiently.  Both platforms fly on this device and I’m using the base model.  I can’t imagine what the i7 model’s performance is on running things.

Design wise, form factor wise, and sheer sexiness of the device makes it stand out.  When you hold the Google Pixelbook, you can feel the thought that went into it and the solid construction is fitting for its price tag.  It doesn’t look or feel cheap.

Head over to Amazon to get all the details and to order.

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