Update – Now Live! Microsoft Authenticator Will Soon Allow for Account Backup & Recovery

Update – Now Live in the Stable version

A new and pretty exciting feature is making its way to Microsoft Authenticator for iOS.  The feature will allow the app to keep a user’s credentials so they don’t get locked out of their accounts when they move to a new device.  The feature is a long requested feature by users and should make the migration from one phone to another more simple.

Today, if you migrate to a new phone, you have to pre-configure the Microsoft Authenticator app on your new phone prior to wiping your old one.  If you wipe the old one prior to doing this pre configuration, you run the risk of losing access to your two factor accounts – which is a gigantic pain, let’s be honest.  This new feature should make it a lot easier.

When you enable the feature, Microsoft Authenticator will store an encrypted backup of your two factor information in your iCloud account.  When you use the same iCloud account on your new device, you can recover it in the Authenticator app.

Microsoft Authenticator Backup & Recovery

Microsoft Authenticator Backup & Recovery


Right now the new feature is in the beta version of the app which you can sign up for at this link.  It will take 2-3 days to get access and you will need to have Test Flight installed on your iPhone as well.

Finally, for Android users, this feature will eventually make it there too but it is unclear when that will be happening.

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