Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.3 With Downgrades No Longer an Option

With the release of iOS 11.3.1 last week, Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.3 meaning that iPhone and iPad owners can no longer downgrade from the latest build.  Long time Apple followers will know that this is normal for the Cupertino company to do after a release of an update or major version of the platform.

For the majority of iOS users, the removal of 11.3 won’t be a big deal.  Most owners don’t downgrade after an update unless there are bugs or other use impacting issues.  With virtually none reported, it was just a matter of when Apple stopped signing it.

iOS 11.3.1 addressed several issues with the platform including displays from 3rd parties on the iPhone 8 which would not work or work properly with 11.3.

That said, the work on the next version of iOS, 11.4, is happening right now in the Beta Program from the company.  That build will bring Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2, the next generation of the AirPlay protocol, to iPhones and iPads.  It will also be available in the next build of MacOS, 10.13.5, which is also in beta.

If your iPhone or iPad is still on 11.3, you can remain there for the time being.  At some point you will have to upgrade your device unless you want to live with the constant nagging to upgrade.  Apple doesn’t force you to upgrade, but they hint that you should.  A lot.

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