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Review of the Apple Pencil Case from Noreve – Stylish Storage

Like the Pixelbook Pen for the Google Pixelbook, the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro is a handy but expensive accessory.  Protecting it while it is not in use is key and there are a lot of options to do just that on the market.  But when it comes to style and functionality of cases and protection for gear, few will match Noreve.  The St. Tropez, France company has been making couture cases for phones, laptop and tables for years and their first take on a case for the Apple Pencil is no exception.  It looks and feels couture in every way.

Noreve recently sent me their slim case for the Apple Pencil to review and like so many other Noreve products, it is impressive in every way and is a fitting case for an impressive device.

Fifth and Likely Final Beta of MacOS 10.13.5 Release to Testers

Apple has released a fifth and what is likely to be the final beta build of MacOS 10.13.5 to beta testers.  The new build was released yesterday, along side the 5th beta for iOS 11.4, and should be available to everyone who has a registered device in the Apple Beta Program.

The new build is 17F70a and given the timing of the release as it relates to WWDC and the size of the update, it is likely this is the Release Candidate version of the next build of MacOS High Sierra.  WWDC kicks off at the first of June where it is expected that MacOS 10.14 will be shown for the first time publicly along with iOS 12.

Apple Seeds Fifth iOS 11.4 Beta to Testers

A fifth and likely final beta build of iOS 11.4 arrived yesterday for those who are in the Apple Beta program.  The update doesn’t bring any new features to the platform other than what has already been discussed but does bring a few fixes.

The update weighs in at 2.2GB, indicating that this is the full build and is likely a release candidate build.  For those new to beta testing, release candidates are generally the build that a developer wants to release as the general availability (GA) release.  In other words, they feel their work is done and barring a show stopping bug being found, this should be the build everyone sees when 11.4 is released.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Now Available in Four New Countries

Four new countries, Sweden, India, Denmark, and Taiwan, have been added to the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE roster.  Customers in these countries can now pick up the cellular version of the latest generation of smartwatch.  The LTE variant is now available in a total of 16 countries globally.

In Sweden and Denmark, 3 is the carrier that provides the LTE coverage for the watch while in Taiwan, you have five different carrier options:  Taiwan Mobile, FarEsTone3, Telecom3, Chunghwa, and APT3

Battery Replacements for All Eligible iPhone Models Now in Stock

An internal memo at Apple has indicated that battery replacements for all eligible devices for the replacement program are now in stock and readily available.  This means that if you are wanting to get your battery replaced in your iPhone, it should be something that can be done when you make a Genius appointment.

When Apple announced (or let it slip) that they were throttling iPhones with older batteries, the outrage was pretty quick and loud.  In response, Apple began offering discounted battery replacements to customers who had batteries that were bumping into the throttling software inside of iOS 11.  Normally that battery replacement is $79 but through the rest of this year, it is $29.

Apple Teams Up with Goldman Sachs for a new Apple Pay Credit Card

A new report in the Wall Street Journal states that Apple is teaming up with Goldman Sachs to offer an Apple Pay branded credit card for customers.  The card is expected to launch as early as 2019 with customers being able to do in-store financing of new Apple gear.

The deal would end the current relationship Apple has with Barclaycard, which offers the Apple Rewards Visa today.  The Goldman Sachs card would replace the relationship and cared from Barclaycard.

How to Adjust Your Calorie Goal in Activity on Your Apple Watch

One of the great features of the Apple Watch is the Activity app.  It is an app that keeps track of your movement calories, your exercise and the standing you do each hour in one easy-to-use app.  It is the measurement of these activities that allow you to complete the now well known rings each day.

When it comes to calorie targets, it is the one metric that users can adjust.  The standing once per hour and 30 minutes of exercise, at least for now, are fixed and can’t be adjusted.  The calorie one however is probably the more important one anyway.  Depending on your lifestyle and even your profession, you may want to set your calorie burn goal higher than the minimum 300 calories target.  You’ll know this is the case if you are consistently going over your current target by two or three times in a day.  One day is a one-off but consistently blowing through that target means it needs to be adjusted up.

In this How To I’ll show you a quick way that you can adjust your calorie target in the middle of a day or week.  Once you adjust it, it will be your goal going forward until you adjust it again and it will be reflected in your target measurements for the week you are in.

Apple Planning to Sell Subscription Services Through the Apple TV App Later This Year

A new report from Bloomberg states that Apple is planning on selling subscription services through the Apple TV app later this year with the eventual plan of having all of those services stream from the TV app.  Currently you have to subscribe to an independent service like Hulu or use your cable TV credentials in the app you want to use, like HBO Go.

In its current form, the TV app is essentially a hub for your connected services and when you select a service to watch, you are taken to that service’s app on your iPad or iPhone.  Eventually, Apple wants this to stream directly from within the TV app so you don’t have to bounce around between different apps or subscribe to them independent of Apple TV.

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