Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Now Available in Four New Countries

Four new countries, Sweden, India, Denmark, and Taiwan, have been added to the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE roster.  Customers in these countries can now pick up the cellular version of the latest generation of smartwatch.  The LTE variant is now available in a total of 16 countries globally.

In Sweden and Denmark, 3 is the carrier that provides the LTE coverage for the watch while in Taiwan, you have five different carrier options:  Taiwan Mobile, FarEsTone3, Telecom3, Chunghwa, and APT3

In India, carriers Reliance Jio and Airtel will be will be offering the Apple Watch with LTE at no additional cost to users as it will be using the user’s data plan from their phone (pooled data).

The LTE variant of the Apple Watch was released last year at the same time as the WiFi version but has always been behind as far as global reach and will likely remain so going forward.   Here in the US, the four major carriers all support the LTE version of the watch.


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