Sprint Begins The Android Oreo Rollout for the LG G6

Following Verizon’s lead from last week, Sprint has become the second US-based carrier to release the Android Oreo 8.0 update for the LG G6 on its network.  The 1.8GB update brings all the normal improvements that come with Oreo along with some other performance optimizations.

As with all of these big version updates, it is recommended that you download the update to your LG G6 via WiFi and have at least 80% battery power when you install it if you are not connected to AC.  The update will take about 15 minutes to install once it is downloaded and will require a reboot.

The release notes from Sprint on the update doesn’t highlight exactly what performance improvements were included in it so that is a bit of a mystery.  However, given that Oreo itself runs a lot smoother than Marshmallow, there will be some natural improvements anyway.

This update from Sprint, like the one from Verizon, includes the May Android Security Update patches too.

The update from the carrier is now out so it should be hitting devices at anypoint over the next few days.  You can manually check for the update on your G6 by going to Settings>Software Update to see if it is available to install.

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