Verizon Released The Android Oreo Update for the LG G6

Good news this morning for those of you who have the 2017 LG G6 on the Verizon network.  Your Android Oreo update has been released and is on its way.  The update is about 1.9GB in size so you will certainly want to download it via WiFI.  You are looking for build VS98820a according to the release notes from Verizon.

The update of course brings all the goodness of Oreo to the G6 but also brings a few refinements to the phone too such as an improve home screen layout as well as some new lock screen wallpapers for you to enjoy.

From an Android Security Update perspective, this new build for the LG G6 comes with the April 2018 patches so you are reasonably up-to-date from that perspective too.

If you have the G6 on Verizon, the OTA update should be landing on your phone over the course of the next few days but it could take a week or two to get out to everyone.  You can always check for the update manually by going to Settings>Software Update on your phone.  One you do get notified and have it downloaded, you can expect about a 10 minute install on your phone and your phone will reboot during the process.



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