Google Photos Now Allows Location Editing on Site

Google Photos has rolled out a new feature on this service’s site that allows you to edit the location information of your photos.  The feature, right now at least, is only on the Photos website,

Functionally, the new feature works as you would expect.  When you open up a photo on the Photos site from your library, you can tap the information icon and see details about the photo.  Next to the location, you’ll now see an edit icon (a pencil) that you can click to edit the location information of the photo.

The editing feature opens up a new dialog box and uses the original GPS information of the photo to help you search for locations near that original spot.

Location Editing in Google Photos

Location Editing in Google Photos

If you have a group of photos that you want to edit the location for, you can do that too with this feature.  Just select all the photos you want to edit the location for and then tap the overflow menu (three vertical dots) and select “Edit Location”.  Keep in mind that the new location information you enter will be set for all of the photos you select for the bulk change.

The question, of course, is if this feature will make its way to the Android and iOS versions of the Photos app and when.  Given that the Photos team within Google somewhat flew this web update under the radar, there is no real way to know the when or the if.


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