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Google Photos Web Starting to Suggest Facial Recognition Merging

The Google Photos site is now starting to show an option to allow you to merge faces in your library.  Photos since the beginning has had facial recognition built into it and has done a reasonable job of helping you identify people in your albums and tagging them.  The challenge with it has come with age progression of children and photos of peoples at odd angles.  It seems that the Photos team have be doing a bit of work on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms on the feature.

On the Google Photos site, if you go to the Albums tab and click on People & Pets album, you will see a banner at the top of the page with suggestions of faces to merge under the tag for that person or pet.

Google Photos Adds Love Story Auto Creation Movie Feature

Google has added a new Love Story auto movie creation feature in the latest update to Google Photos.  Like the other auto created movies, the Love Story feature is driven by Google Assistant which is deeply integrated into Photos.  The update to bring this new feature is a combination of an app update, to version for those keeping score at home, and a cloud-side update that is pushed to this updated app version.

To get to the new Love Story feature, open up Google Photos then use the overflow menu (three vertical dots) to create a new movie.  There you will see all of the different auto generated movie options along with the new Love Story.

Google Photos Now Allows Location Editing on Site

Google Photos has rolled out a new feature on this service’s site that allows you to edit the location information of your photos.  The feature, right now at least, is only on the Photos website,

Functionally, the new feature works as you would expect.  When you open up a photo on the Photos site from your library, you can tap the information icon and see details about the photo.  Next to the location, you’ll now see an edit icon (a pencil) that you can click to edit the location information of the photo.

Google Photos Progressive Web App Now Available for Chrome 67 Users

Google Photos is the latest Google service to receive a Progressive Web App treatment.  With the release of Chrome 67, you can now install Photos onto your Windows, MacOS or Linux computer and have an app-like experience in a web page.

For those that are new to Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, they are web-based versions of an app but they act like a full fledge version of that app.  The idea is to get a touch friendly app experience without having to actually install anything.

Google Photos Turns 3 Years Old

Believe it or not, Google Photos is now three years old.  The photo library app that syncs photos with your Photos online storage, continues to evolve rapidly and remains one of the most popular Google apps out there.  It makes keeping a sync’d copy of your photos and videos online pretty seamless and if you use the High Quality sync setting, doesn’t even consume any of your Google Drive quota (which is great for photos under 16MP).

Photos was announced as part of the original Pixel launch and those devices, as well as the subsequent Pixel 2 lineup, can store photos in original quality without using Drive space.  Other devices can upload in original too, but you start using up your storage.  It was also one of the first apps that has a serious AI integration from Google, with the app able to identify people, pets and look at the overall quality of the photo to recommend automatic improvements (referred to commonly as Auto Awesome), make animations and movies, and create photo books of your favorite photos.

Google Photos Favorites Feature Now Rolling Out

The new Favorites feature of Google Photos, one of two new features announced for the photo app & service, has started to broadly roll out this morning to users.  The new feature is a cloud-side change so as long as you have the latest version of the app on your phone, you should see the new Star icon to select a photo as a favorite when you are viewing an individual photo.

Once you select a photos as a favorite, Google Photos will also automatically create a new album for you, aptly named Favorites.  Here you can quickly see all the photos you have designated as favorites instead of having to search for them in your photos library.

Google Photos Favorites Feature To Roll Out This Week

It has been a long time coming but Google Photos is finally going to give you the ability to mark photos in your library as favorites.  The new features, which the Google Photos team announced via Twitter, is a cloud-side update and will be rolling out to all accounts throughout this week.  Once you have it, you will be able to view a photo and will see a small star icon as you view that photo.  Tap that star, that photo gets marked as a favorite.

As part of this feature, there will now be a new Favorites album in the menu and in your Albums view in Google Photos.  That way you will be able to quickly find them in your library.

Google Photos Auto Fix Suggestions Now Rolling Out

At Google I/O last week, we got a glimpse of new one-touch auto fixing of photos that would be coming to Google Photos both in the app and on the web.  It seems that those auto fix suggestions are now starting to roll out.

Leveraging AI, Photos will now pop up a small banner on a photos to suggest a fix for that photo.  The AI looks at the lighting quality, orientation and content of the photo and gives you the suggested fix.  Tap the pop-up and you open a simple editor which shows you the updated photo.  Long press the photo to see the original.  If you like the suggested fix, save it and your photo in your Google Photos library is updated.

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