How to Get The Pride Celebration Rainbow Easter Egg in Google Sheets

To help celebrate Pride month, Google has put together a nice Easter Egg in Google Sheets.  Google has long thrown such hidden surprises in their apps and services and, as a long time supporter of LGBTQ rights and Pride month, it is only fitting that they have a special one for the month.

If you type in PRIDE in a Google Sheet, it will be painted with the six colors of the rainbow.  To do this, just put a “p” in cell A1, “r” in B1, etc.  Once you put the “e” in e1, the spreadsheet will automatically be changed.

Unfortunately the change is temporary and if you delete a letter out of one of the cells, it will revert back to the normal white background.  To prevent this, enter the letters into the cells then hide row one on the sheet.  Tada!  Now it will stay and you don’t have to worry about it being deleted as you create your spreadsheet.

Pride Easter Egg in Google Sheets

Pride Easter Egg in Google Sheets

No word yet on if this Easter Egg will be permanent after June ends but hopefully so.

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