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Google My Business Adds LGBTQ-friendly Attribute for Businesses

Google My Business (GMB) is a service that allows businesses to highlight their business, specials or attributes of their company within Google Search results.  Launched in 2014, it is one of the best tools available for small to medium businesses to improve their search results and allow people to find them.

One of the key elements of GMB are attributes that tell people who find your business qualities.  Now Google has added two key attributes that owners can add to their business, “LGBTQ-friendly” and as a “Transgender Safe Space”.  These new attributes will allow businesses to clearly indicate they are an open part of their local community.

How to Get The Pride Celebration Rainbow Easter Egg in Google Sheets

To help celebrate Pride month, Google has put together a nice Easter Egg in Google Sheets.  Google has long thrown such hidden surprises in their apps and services and, as a long time supporter of LGBTQ rights and Pride month, it is only fitting that they have a special one for the month.

If you type in PRIDE in a Google Sheet, it will be painted with the six colors of the rainbow.  To do this, just put a “p” in cell A1, “r” in B1, etc.  Once you put the “e” in e1, the spreadsheet will automatically be changed.

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