Microsoft Edge for Android Passes 5 Million Downloads

Microsoft Edge for Android, the Redmond company’s browser for the platform, has hit a significant milestone in the Google Play Store.  It has now been downloaded over 5 million times according to the app’s store listing.  Given how new Edge for Android is – just 8 months old – hitting the 5 million download threshold is something to note indeed.

While Microsoft Edge is mainly aimed at Windows 10 users who want to have a continuous browser experience on their phone, it is actually a powerful browser alternative for Android users that has continued to evolve rapidly as Microsoft continually tweaks on it, much like they do the rest of their Android portfolio.

Edge gives users the ability to read PDF files, scan QR codes, do voice searches and the like.  You can also sync your passwords and other login information from your PC to your Phone (and vise versa) seamlessly, just like you can with Google Chrome as an example.

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge for Android

When you consider that Android is dominated by Chrome for browser usage, to have Microsoft’s late arrival to the game hit this milestone, it is something to note.  It is also important to note that this growth has happened rapidly.  It was December last year that the browser topped the 1 million download mark.

If you haven’t tried out Edge on your phone, give it a try.  It is free and if you are a Windows 10 user, you’ll likely find some great benefits by using it on your phone.  Edge is also available for those of you who on an iPhone or iPad.


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