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Microsoft Edge for Android Passes 5 Million Downloads

Microsoft Edge for Android, the Redmond company’s browser for the platform, has hit a significant milestone in the Google Play Store.  It has now been downloaded over 5 million times according to the app’s store listing.  Given how new Edge for Android is – just 8 months old – hitting the 5 million download threshold is something to note indeed.

While Microsoft Edge is mainly aimed at Windows 10 users who want to have a continuous browser experience on their phone, it is actually a powerful browser alternative for Android users that has continued to evolve rapidly as Microsoft continually tweaks on it, much like they do the rest of their Android portfolio.

Microsoft Edge for Android Update Brings Family Account Support

The latest update to Microsoft Edge for Android is now rolling out to the Google Play Store with a slew of new features and updates.  The new build is version for those keeping score at home and brings support for Microsoft Family accounts as well as the ability to read Books purchased from the Microsoft Store.

The update to Edge also brings support for signing into the browser with your work and school account.  While this doesn’t do a lot for you right now, Microsoft plans to roll out Favorites and password sync across devices leveraging the signed in account.  There is no word yet on when that will be released.

Microsoft Launcher for Android To Get Windows 10 Timeline Support

Over the course of the past couple of years it has been clear that Microsoft’s mobile strategy is developing apps for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.  This isn’t a bad strategy overall and it is clear from presentations this week at Build, Microsoft’s developer conference, that they are continuing that strategy.

One of the more exciting announcements on the first day of the conference is Windows 10’s new Timeline feature making it to both Android and iOS.  For Android users, access to Timeline will come via Microsoft Launcher while iOS users will have access to via Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge for Android Update Brings Personalization and Default Browser Improvements

Microsoft Edge for Android, the Redmond, Washington company’s mobile variant of their Windows 10 browser, has a new update that brings some improvements for personalization.  The new build is version for those keeping score at home.

With this update, you can now more personalize the Newsfeed on the New Tab in Microsoft Edge.  Support has been added for the language and geographical area for news feeds.  By default, this will be set to the language and region you are in but by going to Settings>New Tab Page, you can have the news feed in different regions and languages.

Microsoft Edge for Android Expands Global Availability

Microsoft’s Sean Lyndersay took to Twitter a couple of days ago to let users of Microsoft Edge, the mobile browser for Android and iOS, has expanded to several new countries as far as availability.

The news is great for those who like Edge on their devices, especially those that are using Windows 10 on the desktop where you have cross-platform benefits like bookmark and password syncing.

Microsoft Edge Update Brings Improved Oreo Support

Microsoft Edge for Android has a new update rolling out that brings a handful of new features and improvements.  The update is build for those keeping score at home and if you are an Android Oreo users, this will be an update you like.  This update brings support for Oreo’s Adaptive icons so it will look more natural based on your device’s icon strategy.

Sharing of links and texts is now supported from other apps into Microsoft Edge.  If you open a link in one location, you can now share that with Edge and have it open there.  Likewise, if you snip text and share it with Edge, it will use the browser’s default search engine to find that search result for that text.

Microsoft Edge Pushes Past One Million Downloads on Android

The Microsoft Edge browser for Android continues to make its mark in the handful of months it has been available.  The browser has now surpassed the one million downloads mark in the Google Play Store.  That puts it in reasonably elite company in the store and it has hit this mark just a week after being released from its beta program.

Edge is part of Microsoft’s broader mobile strategy which is aimed at making their apps available on whatever device you happen to be using – Android or iOS.  Edge also ties your Android phone closely to your Windows 10 PC by allowing you to start a browsing session on your phone then move it to your PC to continue at the moment or later.

Microsoft Edge for Android Gets a Dark Theme and Password Syncing

Microsoft continues to polish their Microsoft Edge browser for Android in the latest preview update.  This new update, version for those keeping score at home, is rolling out now to those who have installed it and brings a host of bug fixes and performance improvements to the browser.

Along with those bug fixes, there are a couple of new features that are noteworthy in the update.  First, there is now an option for a dark theme.  This is designed to make viewing in low light situations easier by turning the background dark.  It is similar to what the Twitter app does in low light or at night.  Unfortunately, this new feature right now requires a manual intervention.  You have to set it to the dark theme in settings.  Hopefully this will change to an auto-sensing or time-based setting before release.

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