Second Chrome 67 Build Released for The Chrome OS Stable Channel

A second Chrome 67 based build for the Chrome OS Stable Channel has been released for most devices today.  The new build is 67.0.3396.87 (Platform version: 10575.55.0) and follows up the initial release of Chrome 67 last week.

As a general rule, the Chromium team releases a build then follows it quickly with a second build that goes out to the majority of devices, especially those capable of running Android apps.  This appears to be the case once again.

If you don’t recall, Chrome 67 brings a significant number of changes and improvements to Chrome OS.  Here is a rundown for you what is new:

  • Android Debug Bridge support over USB in developer mode
  • Progressive Web Apps can now be installed as stand-alone apps
  • Extend Chrome page zoom to Google Play Apps
  • Visual update for ext4 filesystem migration
  • Feedback reports on sign-in screen
  • Cleaner improved Bluetooth list
  • Touchable material 2.0 Chrome for tablet devices
  • Select-to-Speak ability to select specific text to be read aloud
  • Inline touchable folders in launcher
  • Split Screen support in Tablet mode
  • Support for zipping files on Drive via the Files app
  • Power menu shortcuts when holding the power button
  • Detachable base swap detection

The updated build was released just this morning so it could be several days before everyone sees it on their Chromebooks.

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