Third Chrome 67 Based Build Lands in the Chrome OS Stable Channel

A third Chrome 67 update has come to the Chrome OS Stable Channel today, bringing further security fixes to the platform as well as a clarification on a security patch.  The update is build 67.0.3396.99 or 67.0.3396.101 (Platform version: 10575.58.0) depending on your device.  It comes two weeks after the second update was released back on June 13.

If your Chromebook is in the Stable Channel, you can check for the update by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and then clicking the Check for update button next to your current build information.  The release of this update happened last yesterday so it could still take a while for everyone to see the update as being available.

According to the release notes, and a review of the associated change log with the release, this update addresses some security issues found in the second release.  The change log is small so these are pinpoint updates, but big enough that the Chromium team within Google felt a release was necessary.

Further, in a rather unique note to the Release Notes, the team clarified that a fix was in the original Stable Channel release for preventing unchecked TPM reset on certain device models but that it was accidentally left out of the release notes.

It is not uncommon for the Chrome OS Stable Channel to get three and sometimes four updates in its life cycle so this update isn’t out of the ordinary.  Given that we are still over a month out from the Chrome 68 release, slated for July 31, 2018, it is possible we will see another build come to the Stable Channel before that update, especially if a security fix or bug fix needs to be in place prior to that update.

As always, to find out the latest current Chrome OS builds in all the channels, you can head over to the Current Chrome OS Channel Builds page here on the site for details.

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