Essential Has Already Released The July Android Security Update for The Essential Phone

While the future of the company may be in question, there is no question that Essential is on top of their game when it comes to updates.  The same day that Google released the July Android Security Update, yesterday, the California company has released their update with the security patches for the Essential Phone.

The new build is OPM1.180104.267 and it is already rolling out to PH-1 owners, bringing the security patch as well as stability improvements for Android Auto.  If you have an Essential Phone, you can manually check for the update in Settings as it should be ready to roll for everyone.

Throughout their history, Essential has been one of the first to get the monthly security updates out to their customer base and this is not the first time they have released it the same day as Google released it for the Nexus and Pixel lineup.  More broadly, Essential is constantly updating the apps and performance of the PH-1, something in this day of seemingly poor update support is a breath of fresh air.

If you have been thinking about picking up an Essential Phone, there available directly from Essential or on their Amazon Storefront.  Right now the Black and White versions are down to $485.

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