Essential Confirms Support of Android Updates for Two Years for the Essential Phone

While the future of Essential is a bit in doubt right now, the company has confirmed their commitment to their first phone, the Essential Phone, for at least 3 years.  The company took to Twitter and clarified that support for the PH-1 will continue with major Android release updates for two years while Android Security Updates will be supported for three years.

Doing the math from the August 2017 release of the PH-1, that means that Android P is likely the last major version of Android for the device while you can expect security patch updates through August 2019.

The news is certainly welcome for Essential Phone owners given the recent announcement that the company is for sale and that their next phone is likely not going to happen, at least not any time soon.  The worry was that the PH-1 would end up being abandoned outright so it is good to see that is not the case.

Still, if Essential is purchased, the new owners of the company may go a different direction on these updates or at the very least slow them down a bit.  For their part, Essential has been fantastic when it comes to getting updates out for the PH-1 and in a timely manner.

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