Fifth Chrome 68-Based Build Arrives for The Chrome for Android Beta App

Another new build of Chrome 68 has arrived in the form of an update to the Chrome for Android Beta app.  The new build is 68.0.3440.70 for those keeping score at home.  This new update marks the fifth Chrome 68-based build for the Beta app in this current cycle.

For readers who may not know, anyone can download and install the Chrome for Android Beta app from the Play Store.  No registration is required and you can have both the stable version and the beta version on your phone at the same time.  Just keep in mind that the key word in all of this is “beta” so you could run into bugs or other odd behavior with the app as it goes through testing.

As far as what is new in this update, it is mostly bug fixes and performance improvements.  There aren’t any really new features but we already know a few things that will be coming to the app once it does get updated to the stable version of the app.  A new horizontal task switcher is available, a new Home screen mini bar instead of a banner has been added as well as new identifications for non-HTTPS sites that you visit are all slated to be in the app once it arrives.

Tab Switcher in Chrome 68 for Android

Tab Switcher in Chrome 68 for Android

As for when we can expect Chrome 68 to arrive in the stable app, it won’t be much longer now.  The app update is expected to happen on or around July 24th.  That’s next week if your calendar isn’t handy.

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