Google Phone for Android Can Now Send Spam Calls Straight to Voicemail

Google has quietly rolled out an update to the Google Phone app for Android, the dialer app for the Nexus and Pixel lineup and a few other phones out there that can run it.  The update brings the ability to send recognized spam calls straight to your voicemail and won’t even notify you of the call.  That way you don’t even face the distraction of a notification.

The feature only works on on calls that are recognized as spam calls from Google so it may be a bit hit-and-miss at times.  But when it does hit, it will be a great way be distraction free from these types of calls.

By default the feature is disabled but it is in the Settings of the app under Caller ID & spam.  There you will see a toggle to enable or disable the Filter spam calls.  Once it is enabled, you are good to go and can leave it alone.  If you don’t like the results, no problem.  Just turn it back off in the same location.

Spam Call Filtering to Voicemail in Google Phone

Spam Call Filtering to Voicemail in Google Phone

Google does a fantastic job of keeping known spam numbers listed so the feature in Google Phone should work pretty well.  But, as spammers rotate numbers, you may get a call.  Just make sure you mark it as a spam call in the app so it can be registered with Google.

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