Google Photos Web Starting to Suggest Facial Recognition Merging

The Google Photos site is now starting to show an option to allow you to merge faces in your library.  Photos since the beginning has had facial recognition built into it and has done a reasonable job of helping you identify people in your albums and tagging them.  The challenge with it has come with age progression of children and photos of peoples at odd angles.  It seems that the Photos team have be doing a bit of work on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms on the feature.

On the Google Photos site, if you go to the Albums tab and click on People & Pets album, you will see a banner at the top of the page with suggestions of faces to merge under the tag for that person or pet.

For me, when I tried this out earlier this morning, the results were impressive.  It was able to sort out that a child, who is now a teen, in my album is the same person and it was even able to sort out twin boys of a friend who is in my album.  It was even able to sort out a profile photo of Lucky the Cat as the same cat.

Facial Recognition Merging Suggestions in Google Photos Web

Facial Recognition Merging Suggestions in Google Photos Web

This new feature seems to have rolled out to everyone but your results will vary based on the number of photos in your library and facial photos.  So if you aren’t seeing it yet, just keep checking back as Google’s AI is always working in the background to improve this feature.

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