Google Pixelbook 2 Slated to be Announced Later This Year

The anticipated Google event later this year to announce the new Pixel 3 lineup is shaping up to be far reaching like last year.  Rumors and leaks suggest that in addition to a new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, we will likely see a Pixel branded smartwatch and updated Google Pixelbuds.  Now we can add an updated Google Pixelbook 2 to the mix.

Evan Blass, one of the most reliable sources for leaks and information, Tweeted over the weekend that an updated version of Google’s flagship Chromebook could be coming at the event, which is believe to happen around the October time frame.

Truthfully this isn’t too surprising given that the Mountain View company appears going with a yearly cadence on all of their hardware updates now.

As for what we can expect in a Google Pixelbook 2, there are some pretty easy to sort out updates that are likely in the mix.  Don’t be surprised if we see an update to the Intel i5 and i7 processors in the second generation Pixelbook but given their already high RAM amount at 8GB and 16GB, that’s not likely to change.  Don’t expect to much change on the storage amount either as again, they generally get the job done and are already high amounts.

The biggest change, as Mr. Blass indicates, is a thinner bezel.  If there was one knock of the current Google Pixelbook it has been the bezels which are sizable for a device its physical size and the fact it was released in the kill-all-the-bezels movement going on on laptops and smartphones back in 2017 when it was released – and that continues today.

It is also very likely that the Google Pixelbook 2 will be a detachable device.  Chrome OS Commits have pointed to a device named Atlas for months now and the prevailing thought is that this is the Pixelbook 2.  If it is indeed one in the same, this new Pixelbook 2 would also have 4K resolution.

As a sidebar to all of this, the introduction of a Pixelbook 2 could also mean that we start seeing some killer prices on the current Pixelbook.  The entry level Pixelbook, the one I own and reviewed, is pretty consistently below $850 now, $150 off the original price of $999.  In fact, it’s slightly below that now on Amazon at $842.  If these rumors are true, we could see that price drop down even further… maybe.

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