Microsoft Updates Several Office 365 Apps for Android

Microsoft is one of the best developers when it comes to frequent and meaningful updates to their swath of Android apps in the Play Store.  The Redmond, Washington company has released several updates to some of their apps as part of the normal monthly Office 365 updates.  All of these updates are now in the Play Store so you should be able to check for the update now or, if you have auto updates enabled, you likely have already been updated.

Outlook for Android has a great new feature that frankly I wish Gmail had:  Do Not Disturb.  It’s no mystery on what it does.  It prevents email notifications from showing up on your phone.  It works just like the DND feature in Android itself, meaning you can set it up for a specific amount of time or until you manually turn it back off.  Also, in Outlook, you can now delete contacts directly in the app.

For Microsoft Word, you can now see the number of words i a document even as you scroll up and down that document.  This is displayed on the bottom of the screen as you scroll up and down.

Microsoft Word for Android

Microsoft Word for Android

Finally, on Microsoft PowerPoint for Android, you can now edit documents in landscape viewing.  That’s right, no more portrait only slide editing!  This makes a much nicer editing experience, especially if you use a wide format slide.

All of these apps work with or without an Office 365 account but you get all of the features unlocked if you have an account.

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