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Google Clock Adding Spotify Integration for Music Alarms This Week

In a surprise announcement today, Google stated that the Google Clock app for Android will be updated this week to support a new Spotify integration.  That integration will allow you to set the Clock app to play music as your alarm instead of the range of tones already available.

The news is surprising for two main reasons.  First, Google has had a clock app for years and the decision to put in this somewhat basic feature now is a bit of a mystery.  Second, why Spotify?  The feature works for both free and premium subscribers to the service but why not use their own Google Play Music?  The feature, as it appears, only supports Spotify for the integration.

Google Clock App Updated With New Dark Theme and Android O Support

The Google Clock app for Android has an update rolling out to the Play Store that brings a new dark theme, icon and support for Android O.  The update doesn’t bring any new features overall.

The new dark theme replaces the default blue/white theme that was in the app prior to this release.  There is no way to return to the old theme if you liked it as theme changing is not an option in the app.  Personally, I find this new theme a lot easier to read and easier on my eyes, especially in dark situations.

Google Clock Update Prepares for Nougat Support

With Android Nougat now only weeks away from release, developers are starting to prepare their apps for support of the release.  Google is no exception and the latest update to their clock and alarm app, Google Clock, is squarely aimed at getting it ready for Nougat.  The update, which is in the Play Store now, also works on Lollipop and Marshmallow but a lot of the focus is on Nougat to be fair.  In fact, the first thing noted in the Release Notes is support for Nougat.  With that support comes support for multi-screen, the new feature that will come in the release that allows you to view more than one app at a time.  Google Clock will support that natively so you can setup timers or alarms while working on with another app.

Google Clock Updated With Volume Controls and Vibrating Timers

The Google Clock app for Android has been updated with a few new improvements that most users will likely appreciate.  The updated build is version 4.4 for those keeping score at home and it is rolling out in the Google Play Store now.  There are two big features in the update:  Inline volume controls for alarms within the app and the ability to have timers vibrate, not just give an audible tone.  On volume controls, previously when you wanted to adjust the alarm volume, you had to use the volume rocker on your phone to turn it up or down.  With this update, that is no longer the case.  You can now change the volume of your alarms within the app using a slider within the Clock app, making setting the alarm a bit more precise and easier than tapping a physical button.

Google Clock Update Brings Improved Widgets

Google has released an update to their utility app Google Clock.  As the name suggest, it allows you to have a clock and date on any of your home screens on your Android phone or tablet via a Widget.  These very widgets are the main focus of this update to the app which is now up to version 4.3 for those keeping score at home.  In previous builds, the Widgets for the app were pretty rigid.  You couldn’t really resize them well, especially if you wanted a small clock.  That’s changed with this update as now the Widget is very flexible on sizing and layout.  You have two Widgets as you did previously:  One for an analog clock and one for a digital clock.

Google Clock for Android Gets A Major Update

Earlier this week, Google dropped a pretty big update to Google Clock in the Play Store.  While most of us look at clock apps as pedestrian and not very exciting, this update to Google Clock actually brings a lot of new functionality and features that will make this utilitarian app a bit more useful and personal.  The update is build 4.2 for those keeping score at home and is available for both Android phones and tablets.

Among the changes in this update is the ability to have your alarms gradually increase in volume so you are gently notified or awaken instead of being jarred awake by a blasting alarm.  Speaking of alarms, you can now also select your favorite ringtone as your alarm sound instead of the standard ones the app offered previously.

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