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OneDrive for Android Update Brings Fingerprint Authentication Support

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the OneDrive for Android app, bringing with it fingerprint authentication support.  The new update is version 5.14 for those keeping score at home and has been released to the Google Play Store.

When you update to this new version, under the app settings, you will have the option to enable a PIN code as you have been able to do for some time in OneDrive.  Once you enter that PIN, you will be prompted for your fingerprint.  You can either tap your fingerprint sensor or skip this if you want to continue to use your PIN to log in and not your fingerprint.

OneDrive for Android Can Now Be Installed on SD Cards

The Microsoft OneDrive for Android app has been updated with a feature that has long been requested by users:  The ability to install the app on a SD card.  To this point, if you have an Android phone with a SD Card, OneDrive would not allow itself to be installed on that external storage.  It is something that long time users of the cloud storage app have requested of Microsoft as it can save space, especially if you are syncing a lot of content offline from your OneDrive account, on your phone.

With version 5.9 which is now available in the Play Store, that changes.  You now have the option to install the app on your SD Card.  Further, if you already have the app installed, you can move the app to your card via the Settings in the app.

Microsoft OneDrive for iOS Sees an Improved Sharing Experience

Microsoft has begun rolling out an update to the Android and iOS Microsoft OneDrive app that brings a much improved sharing experience.  The update now makes it clear which file or folder you are sharing and the extent of that sharing.  It is a much cleaner and easier to understand experience.

The update to the mobile apps falls in line with the updates that Microsoft has been doing to OneDrive online as well as the Windows and Mac clients.  File sharing from the cloud storage service is a fundamental element of the service which is used widely, especially with OneDrive for Business users.

Microsoft OneDrive for Android Gains Ability to Recover Deleted Files

The Microsoft OneDrive app for Android has been updated with an important and handy new feature that allows you to recover deleted files on the cloud storage service.  Version 5.7 of the OneDrive app is now rolling out in the Play Store which is where this new feature appears.

To this point, you have been able to delete files in OneDrive with no problem from your Android phone.  But, if you accidentally deleted a file and need to recover it, you couldn’t.  You had to go to the OneDrive site and go to the Trash folder to recover it.  Now you can do it all from your phone, making it quicker to recover that accidentally deleted file.

OneDrive for Android Update Adds Photo Handling & Editing Improvements

The Microsoft OneDrive for Android app has a new update rolling out that brings several improvements in photo editing and storage.  The new build is version 4.5 for those keeping score at home and is in the Play Store now.

Within the OneDrive app, this update allows you to crop, rotate and chose filters of photos with the improved Scan feature.  There is also improvements to to the navigation of the Photos view in the app which will make it quicker to search through your photos.  This will be particularly handy for those who have a lot of photos stored in OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive Update Adds More Granular Support for Notification Channels

The latest update to the Microsoft OneDrive app for Android is rolling out and bringing much greater support for Oreo’s Notification Channels.  The new build is version 5.3 for those keeping score at home and should get to everyone who has the cloud storage app installed at some point this week.

Notification Channel support in OneDrive actually came to the app in December of last year but it was pretty limited in scope.  Microsoft, in this version, has fully fleshed it out by adding notifications for when your storage is nearly full, when people edit your files that you have shared with them, and when OneDrive creates a photo album for you to name a few.

Microsoft OneDrive Update Brings Oreo Notification Channel Support

The Microsoft OneDrive app for Android has a new update rolling out that those who are running Android Oreo will appreciate.  The update, version 5.2 for those keeping score at home, brings improve support for the latest version of Android including support for Notification Channels.

For those who aren’t familiar with Notification Channels, it allows you to set the priority of notifications for apps that support it so that you are constantly alerted to anything related to the app or, the opposite, no notifications at all.  The team over at Android Central put together a great primer on Notification Channels in Oreo that I highly recommend reading.

OneDrive for Android Update Brings Tab-Style Navigation

Microsoft has released a new update to their OneDrive app for Android.  The update is version 5.1 for those keeping score at home and brings a refreshed UI to the cloud storage app.

With this update, Microsoft has finally moved away from the hamburger style menu and opted for a bottom, tab-style navigation.  This brings it more inline with other Microsoft apps as well as how Android apps look & feel in general.  These changes should help simplify navigation throughout the app.

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