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MyFitnessPal Update Brings Simplified Bottom Navigation

A new update to the diet and wellness tracking app, MyFitnessPal, is rolling out in the Play Store.  The update, version 6.24-10373 for those keeping score at home, brings a lot of general fixes and improvements to the app as well as bottom tab navigation.

The new navigation in the app falls in line with what Google expects from apps today and provides three options to users.  The Home tab is your news and information feed with posts from MyFitnessPal themselves as well as achievements that friends who use the app have completed.  The Diary tab is where you log your food and exercise for the day while the Me tab gives you an overview of your profile, see your friends profiles, and your achievements.

MyFitnessPal Adds Item Nutrition Information to Diary Entries

The calorie and diet tracking app MyFitnessPal has an update rolling out to Android users that will more granular nutrition information to your diary entries.  When you add an item to your diary, be it from a manual entry or a barcode scan, the app will now give you information such as calories, carbs, fat and protein in that item.  It will also give you the percentages of your daily goals in these areas with everyone getting calorie percentages while Premium subscribers get carbs fat and protein percentages.

The information is aimed at helping you make informed and wise food and drink decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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