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Spotify Adds Video Content To Music App

Spotify has upped the ante and has added video content to their app, still named Spotify Music.  The update comes after months of speculation and an announcement last summer that the company would be moving beyond just music.  The update is hitting Android this week while iOS users of the service will have to wait an additional week.  Now when you open the app, you have a video section that allows you to view content from a range of providers.  Right now the content is limited but it is expected to grow as other providers get signed up.  Right now you can get content from ABC News, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, NBC Entertainment and ESPN.

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Starbucks App Now Has In-House Spotify Support

Starbucks has released a great little update to their already pretty impressive Android app that allows you to capture the music you are hearing in the store with Spotify and add it to your account.  The update is version 3.4 for those keeping score at home and is rolling out to the Google Play Store now.  If you haven’t seen the update yet, you should in the next day or so.

In participating stores, you can use the Starbucks app on your phone to capture the music you are hearing and then add it to your Spotify playlist.  I’ve always found the music playing in most stores to be pretty good and often music that I wouldn’t discover on my own.  Now you have a great way to capture it, take it with you and listen to while you are away from your local Starbucks.

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1st Gen Chromecast Update Brings Spotify Streaming

If you are using a 1st generation Chromecast and are a Spotify customer, good news is coming your way today.  The latest firmware update to the 1st Gen Chromecast brings support for the music streaming service casting, something that the 2015 Chromecast users have enjoyed for a couple of weeks now.  Google made it clear that the update would be coming and it appears that it is finally here.  The update is rolling out to now so you can check your Chromecast app and see if it is available to you.  If so, reboot your Chromecast and the new firmware will be applied.

Spotify Adds Chromecast Support in Latest Update

At the Google event last month we heard the announcement that Spotify would be updating their app and supporting Chromecast casting.  That update has happened and it is now available in the Google Play Store.  The update is version for those keeping score at home and not only includes support for Chromecast but also supports the music streaming service built into 2016 BMW 7 Series cars.

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Spotify for Windows Phone Update Brings Ability to Rename Playlists

After getting a massive update last month, Spotify has released a minor update today to the Spotify for Windows Phone app.  The update, version 5.1 for those keeping score at home, has general performance improvements along with a new but important feature for users.  Now you can rename your playlists from the Spotify from Windows Phone app, bringing this version on par with those on iOS and Android.

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Spotify for Windows Phone Gets New UI in Latest Update

The music streaming service Spotify has a whole new look and feel this morning for Windows Phone users.  Spotify for Windows Phone has been updated to version 5.0 and it brings with it a virtually brand new look and feel to the app.  The new looks leans heavily on transparency throughout the app, something that you usually find in iOS apps but no Windows Phone. Spotify for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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