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Microsoft To Release 34 Optional Windows Updates Today

Although we have already had a Patch Tuesday for April, Microsoft is still busy releasing updates for their various platforms.  Today it is expect we will see no less than 34 updates for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT.  Yes, you read that correctly. Windows RT will be getting some updates today.  There are some security updates in the mix but there are also going to be a lot of general fixes and updates to the various Windows platforms.

HP Announces The HP Stream Mini Desktop Windows PC – Only $179

In addition to the HP Mini Desktop Windows PC that HP announced today before CES, they also announced the HP Stream Mini Desktop Windows PC.  The Stream lineup of budget tablets and laptops have been a huge hit this past holiday seasons with their solid performance and features and exceptionally good build quality.  It only makes sense then that HP add a Stream version of the Mini Desktop PC.  The best part, little guy is only going to cost $179 when it is available next week.

HP Announces The Pavilion Mini Desktop PC – Only $319

HP has announced several new things already for CES 2015, one of which is the Pavilion Mini Desktop Windows PC.  This small footprint PC has impressive specs and will be an incredible $319 when it is available later this month.  HP has done an impressive job with their products and price points these past few months and the Pavilion Mini is no exception.

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