OneDrive Storage Increases Rolling Out to Office 365 Users

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that Office 365 customers would have their current 1TB of OneDrive storage increased to an unlimited amount.  This was big news and I think it is a show of force by Microsoft that they are serious about being the cloud storage leader in the market.  This morning it appears that this massive increase in OneDrive storage is starting to happen for some users.

This morning I went to my OneDrive account and noticed in the lower left corner that my 1TB account now stated 10TB.  I checked

OneDrive Storage Update

OneDrive Storage Update

on my Account settings page and sure enough, my OneDrive storage had been increased up to 10TB thanks to my Office 365 account.

Now before one of you emails me or Tweets me with something along the lines of “10TB isn’t unlimited”, yes I know.  However, this somewhat makes sense.

In total I have only about 500GB of data in my OneDrive so I’m not even close to my 1TB limit from yesterday let alone my 10TB limit starting today.  From a manageability perspective, Microsoft looks to have designated a 10TB account and, when I get close to the ceiling (which I seriously doubt I will ever get to that limit) then it will be increased.  It’s about manageability and it is about logical limits versus physical limits.

There is no indication on when all Office 365 customers will see this update but it is clearly rolling out globally so it is just a matter of time.

As I said at the time of the announcement, for $6.99 per month for this amount of storage and a full Office suite (which you can use online or install on your PC or Mac), it’s somewhat of a no brainer in my book.



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