Microsoft To Change Windows Insiders Terms After Windows 10 Event

Microsoft has sent out an email notice to all participants of the Windows Insider program that terms and conditions will be changing after next week’s Windows 10 event in Redmond.  While no specifics were given in the email, members are encouraged to check the T&Cs page after the 21st for the new rules of engagement.  It is yet another hint that the event next Tuesday is going to be huge with a lot of announcements and updates.

All indications point to the Windows 10 event encompassing not only the desktop and tablet version but phone versions as well.  It is widely expected that the moniker Windows Mobile will be returning to describe the new platform on phones.  Several other announcements around other product lines are expected as well, all pointing to a high level of integration with the new Windows.

The change in T&Cs will likely be around these announcements of new platforms and will be the gateway for members to get the latest bits when they are available, including for Windows Mobile.  When those bits are available is another question all together.  I suspect we will see the Windows 10 PC version next week, perhaps even Tuesday, but Windows Mobile may be a little later.  Still, Microsoft is being quite up front with Windows Mobile and we could see those bits coming to your Lumia as early as next week as well.  There is already a new Windows Insider app for Windows Phone which doesn’t do much now but could be lit up as early as next week.

No matter what, the event is going to be huge and you can watch it via a Live Stream starting at 9AM PST.

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