Cortana Now Reads Instant Answers Out Loud in Latest update

The personal assistant Cortana that is built into Windows Phones running Lumia Denim and is now in the Windows 10 technical preview continues to get mini, behind-the-scenes updates.  The latest update now brings the ability to read out loud instant answers to your questions.  To this point, when you asked a question like “What time is it?” Cortana would simply display the current time.  Now when you ask the same question, it reads out the time based on your location.

This update to Cortana appears to be US only at this point although those of you who are in Europe or Asia should check regularly on your Windows Phone to see if you have this update.  There is no

Cortana for Windows Phone

Cortana for Windows Phone

notification that it is there – it is just a matter of asking Cortana a question and seeing if it reads it out loud to you.  It’s similar to the Lifestyle Fitness update that I posted on Monday. It just appears.

Cortana remains one of the great features of Lumia Denim and now that it is coming to the Windows 10 desktop, the power of this personal assistant will be opened literally to millions.  Microsoft clearly has committed to keeping Cortana feature rich and ever learning which can only be a good thing for consumers.

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