Another Day, More Windows 10 Leaks

As of late it seems that almost daily we are seeing leaks of new builds of Windows 10 Technical Preview.  Today those leaks are of Build 10036, a build that doesn’t appear to have any major changes over Build 10033 which was leaked earlier in the week.  That build had the new transparent Start Menu and improved Task View but neither build as the Project Spartan browser experience, something that Microsoft has hinted will be in the next Windows 10 Technical Preview build that Windows Insiders receive.

The leaks of Windows 10 Build 10036 can be found on the Wzor website, a site that quite often has the first screenshots of a new build.  In the post, there are about 10 screenshots of various parts of

Windows 10 Build 10036 Start Menu

Windows 10 Build 10036 Start Menu

the build, from start up to the desktop experience.  It is likely given the small increment in numbering that Build 10036 represents a minor bug fix build.

For the last couple of weeks, Windows Insiders have been vocal about the need for a new build, so much so that Microsoft’s Gabe Aul took the Windows Blog to explain the release process and some of the things they are trying to balance.  As I put in my post on the subject, I appreciate where Microsoft stands on making sure builds are stable but the Fast ring needs to be faster.

I’m hardly the first or alone in this thought.

There is still hope that we will see an updated build released to Windows Insiders today but Microsoft generally doesn’t like to release things on Friday’s.  My guess is next Tuesday at the earliest.  At that point we will be 50 days since the last Windows 10 build release.


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