HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Windows Tablet – Now Only $79 At The Microsoft Store

At the Microsoft Store today they are once again running a promotion they ran last month on the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Windows Tablet.  The promotion makes it one of those hard to pass up deals on what has been on a highly rated and well liked economy tablet.

Right now you pick up a HP Stream 7 for $79 which is a $20 savings off the regular price.  Keep in mind that this is the Signature Edition so there is no crapware installed on this model.  In addition to the $20 savings, you get a year of Office 365 Professional to run on this tablet for free which is a $69.99 value.  And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Microsoft is also throwing in a $25 Windows Store Gift card so you can buy apps and games online with your new HP Stream 7.

So let’s do the math shall we?

  • HP Stream 7 Signature Edition:  $79
  • One Year of Office 365 Personal Edition:  ($69.99)
  • Free Gift Card from Windows Store:  ($25.00)

That means your cost is $79 when normally you would pay a total of $173.99 for all of this.  In fact what you are getting for free is of greater value than the price of the HP Stream 7 itself:  $79 versus freebies of $94.99

HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet – SALE $79 – Microsoft Store

The HP Stream 7 is powered by a 1.33GHz (bursts up to 1.88GHz) Atom processor, has 1GB of RAM onboard with 32GB of storage built in.  You can add up to a 128GB MicroSD card for additional storage.  It has a 7″ IPS display with 800×1280 resolution.

Supplies are limited and this is a limited time only deal at the Microsoft Store.  To get the price, just add the Stream 7 to your shopping cart online.

HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet – SALE $79 – Microsoft Store

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