OneDrive for Android Now Supports Chromecast

Microsoft’s continual update of their apps for Android continues and the big news today is concerning OneDrive.  The cloud-based storage app OneDrive for Android has been updated to version 3.2 for those keeping score at home and now has the ability to cast your photos and files to your television via Chromecast.  It is a sign that Microsoft’s commitment to Android remains strong but also another app in the ever-growing Play Store that supports Chromecast.

OneDrive for Android – Free – Download Now

On the surface, you won’t see much difference between the previous version of OneDrive for Android.  However, if you have a Chromecast configured and available, you will now have the option to share the file or photo you are viewing to that Chromecast, making sharing quick and easy.

OneDrive for Android

OneDrive for Android

Aside from this new feature, there are not mentioned changes in the Release Notes for this update.

The support for Chromecast comes as a positive sign for those who use the device and it harkens to those on iOS who have an Apple TV.  It makes sharing from a mobile device quick and simple without having to fuss with cables or other wireless configurations.  So long as your mobile is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, you should be good-to-go.

OneDrive is a free app and with a free account you get 15GB of cloud storage and if you have the OneDrive for Android app automatically upload your photos to the service, you get an additional 15GB.  All for free.

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