Fitbit for Android Update to Address Firmware Update Issue

The Fitbit for Android app received an update this morning that every user of the fitness tracking devices should download.  It addresses a reasonably significant bug that made firmware update very slow that lead some update to fail.  This new version, build 2.7.3 for those keeping score at home, should address that and make it much quicker and more reliable.

Fitbit for Android – Free – Download Now

According to the Release Notes for this update to Fitbit for Android, this build is specifically aimed at those who experienced firmware upgrade issues.  The issue it seems was around the download speeds of the update itself.  They were very slow and would eventually, in some cases, lead to an update failure.  Now with this update, Fitbit is asking users who experienced this failure to retry the

Fitbit for Android

Fitbit for Android

update.  The app will adjust to the correct maximum firmware update speed on retries.

If you are thinking, “I didn’t know I could update my Fitbit from the app”, you are probably not alone.  The Update Available option only appears in the Sync Now area of your Device menu when there is an update available.  Otherwise it isn’t there.

The Fitbit for Android app requires that you have a Fitbit tracker and an account to use but the app and the account are of course free.

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