T-Mobile Drops The Price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Last week Samsung announced during their earnings call that they would be dropping the price on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge to more accurately reflect the market and prop up sliding sales.  It seems that those prices may be coming to market already.  T-Mobile has updated their site to reflect a $100 drop in price on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 6 Edge 32GB and 64GB models while the 128GB models have dropped a full $200.  These are for non-contract full purchase of the phones and if you do the math, the higher memory devices are a really good deal right now.

For the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, here is the new pricing from T-Mobile:

  • 32GB – $679.99 (was $779.76)
  • 64GB – $759.99 (was $859.83)

    Galaxy S6 Edge

    Galaxy S6 Edge

  • 128GB – $759.99 (was $959.83)

For the Galaxy S6 the new prices are:

  • 32GB – $579.99 (was $679.92)
  • 64GB – $659.99 (was $759.99)
  • 128GB – $659.99 (was $859.99)

Obviously the best deal is on the 128GB models as they are the same price of the 64GB units.  You are doubling your storage for free.  It really comes down to if you want the S6 or want to pay a bit more and get the S6 Edge.

The question remains if these new prices from T-Mobile are a permanent price drop or temporary.  There is no indication on the T-Mobile site what the story is on that part.  Also, it’s not clear if AT&T or other carriers will be dropping their prices as well.  At the time of this point the prices had not been changed on AT&T.


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