Google Releases All New Google Wallet for Android

It is pretty much a given that Android Pay is just days away and Google continues to prepare apps and devices for that eventuality.  The latest is a completely new Google Wallet app for Android phones and tablets.  Now to be clear, this is a completely new and separate build of Google Wallet that is available today – and is still available.  That’s right, if you use the link below to download Google Wallet you will have this new build and the old Google Wallet app.  Why would Google do this?  Think Android Pay.

Confused?  Don’t be.  Let me explain.

Google Wallet (NEW) for Android – Free – Download Now

Google Wallet To Be Rebranded As Android Pay

The old app allowed you to send and receive funds and pay for things at a store that accepted Google Wallet.  The new app only allows you to send and request funds and allows you to manage your physical Wallet card.  What I suspect we are seeing is more foundation being laid for Android Pay with the old Wallet app to be eventually rebranded as Android Pay

New Google Wallet

New Google Wallet

where you can pay for things in stores.

The new Wallet app is certainly more simple and aimed really at allowing you to simply move money to and fro between your account to others.  The split eventually will make more sense if indeed the old app is rebranded but now its a bit confusing.

Because it is an entirely new app, this new Wallet app will not overwrite the existing Wallet app on your devices.  Instead you will still have the old one next to the new one.  If you want the new app then you will need to download it using the link above the break or hitting the Google Play button below.

Likewise, for now at least, you don’t necessarily need this new app.  Until Android Pay actually is released and the old app is updated (I’m assuming) you can still do everything you could do before in the old app.

Google Play Button


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